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Call Center:Instant Telemarketing Campaigns

Aside from viral marketing, Telemarketing campaigns to the right targetted persons are one of the most cost effective forms of gaining share of mind/market. The problem with setting up [tag-tec]telemarketing campaigns [/tag-tec] revolve mostly around getting people with the right mindset and skillset to execute it.

Futuregen has the call center solution for you.

We have staff on standby that are veterans of telemarketing campaigns to multi-nations -US, UK, Australia etc. We have ecommerce and telemarketing certifications to help our clients design and implement highly cost effective campaigns that help you deliver on your targets and objectives.

Contact marketing[at] to get started now.

Call Center:Instant Survey Campaigns

You have recently launched a new product or service and need to know what the market feels about it. Or you need to gather data about demographics, usage and other general marketing research. You don’t want to hire permanent employees to do the job, as the survey campaigns are sporadic.

Futuregen has the instant call center solution for you.

We can work with you to design your call script so that the [tag-tec]Instant survey campaign [/tag-tec] can be done using the shortest amount of time, thereby respecting the importance of time to the target clients. Our survey taking application can provide realtime results in both text and graphical formats.

The survey application can be done using our call center, or we can also send the questionaires out via email if need be. Contact marketing[at] to get started right away!

Call Center: Instant Inbound Call Center

Do you have an excessive amount of inbound calls that are overwhelming your current support staff? Are you hesitant to grow and/or invest in your center just to cope with these seasonal surges in demand? Are you searching for a partner that is willing to handle your spillover/extra/seasonal surge?

Futuregen has the [tag-tec]Instant Call center solution [/tag-tec] for you.

If you can divert the calls to our call center, we can handle your spillover work. We have trained and experienced customer care specialist that are depended upon by our principals to take care of their clients’
needs. Our staff have excellent Customer Relations profile (at least 90% CSR rating).

Our facilities can also load your script into our system so that our staff will answer in the same way your staff does. Plus the flexibility of our system allows our staff to adapt rather quickly. Our normal training and ramp up times varies from as short as 2 weeks to 4 weeks.

Call Center Operations Management


Call Center Operations

Success in Call Center Operations
Involves a lot of things. We provide site selection evaluations services. Then we help in HR activities like agent recruitment, agent selection, agent skills development, and finally, agent retention.

Secondly, your delivery infrastructure must be resilient and capable of delivering on your service level agreement with your principal. We provide invaluable insights by using SNMP(simple network monitoring protocol) to monitor your internet availability and quality, VOIP deployment and voice quality assurance. We also measure server and workstation uptimes.

Finally, we provide you with the key metrics of success in running particular campaigns: inbound customer care, surveys, tech support, appointment settings, lead qualifying and outbound telemarketing.